What does the future of engineering look like?

What does the future of engineering look like?

By Kieren Paterson, Head of Futureworx

In Futureworx our engineers come up with great ideas to solve real world problems and then turn those ideas into reality by creating and combining technologies into practical solutions.

Our engineers of tomorrow will have broad understanding of a diverse range of increasingly influential and rapidly evolving technologies such as autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and advanced materials, and curiosity to explore and learn about emerging new technologies, markets and global trends. They will imagine how those can be combined in innovative ways to create valuable solutions for our present and future Customers and then work as part of a team to realise that ambition.

It’s also true that the fundamental qualities that have always defined good engineers remain as relevant tomorrow as they do today; intense curiosity, imagination and creativity, diversity of thinking, rigour in application and testing, courage to fail and an appetite to continue to learn and challenge assumptions remain at the heart of a Futureworx engineer of tomorrow.

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07 November 2022