Cambridge Engineering student completes summer placement at Futureworx

Cambridge Engineering student completes summer placement at Futureworx

Aditya Jain, a first-year undergraduate student studying engineering at Cambridge University, has completed his recent summer placement with Marshall Futureworx. Over the course of his time with the Marshall Group’s venture-building arm, Adi was able to contribute to a range of projects at the forefront of technological research and development, and he was nothing short of extraordinary.

Cambridge Engineering student completes summer placement at Futureworx

Adi was introduced to Futureworx through one of his mentors, a Cambridge alumnus who had worked on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) projects for Marshall. Adi’s mentor reached out to Futureworx Managing Director Kieran Paterson to see if Adi could contribute to some of the work at Futureworx. After an interview, Adi secured a summer placement.

Adi was involved in numerous projects during his placement. Initially he worked on a project involving optimising pressure and volume of nitrogen tanks to meet aerospace industry and market standards. He then modelled the centre wing tanks for Boeing 747 jets, producing nitrogen inerting models for various flight dynamics and profiles.

Two of Adi’s additional projects entailed modelling the optimal fuel tank size for various Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and fuel demands in a drone project, and modelling the powertrain, fuel cell and thermodynamic capabilities of hydrogen-powered refrigerated trailers.

Cambridge Engineering student completes summer placement at Futureworx

Playing an active role in drone and hydrogen R&D has been a highlight for Adi, as these projects are at the cutting edge of technology. Throughout his journey, he has learned extensively from mentors at Futureworx like Kieran Paterson, Steve Tweddell, Marta Barrabino and Piotr Zulawski who have “supported him at every step” and have been instrumental in his development.

In addition to university and outside of work, Adi has also gained valuable experience in Python, building flood warning systems and also building robots with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. He also has experience in civil engineering, having worked with J.Murphy & Sons and Mott MacDonald during several school projects. Adi has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Futureworx, and says the team have been “incredibly welcoming, kind, and helpful” throughout his journey.

Overall, Adi's Futureworx summer placement journey has been filled with growth, exciting projects, and the support of a talented and knowledgeable team. He is eager to continue expanding his skills and would like to continue working in the Aerospace industry in the future.

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02 October 2023