Apprentices back to the Futureworx

Apprentices back to the Futureworx

The Futureworx team have welcomed two promising fourth year apprentices for their final rotation in their apprenticeship. Harry Rayner and Luke … have a breadth of experience from their last three years with Marshall and are thoroughly enjoying their time at Futureworx.

Harry: “Everyone has been really welcoming.”

Luke: “It’s an incredible environment and the team are amazing!”

We asked a few questions about what first sparked their interest in engineering and it seems both of them were interested in engineering from a young age:

Luke: “So just from childhood really, I like how things piece together. I basically looked at engineering and thought what's the most interesting part of engineering to me and landed on fighter jets!” he laughed.

Harry: “Yeah, I always wanted to know why things are made a certain way and how they work and I wanted to make it and be the next big designer! I thought the local company Marshall was close to home and have a really good reputation.”

They enlightened us on what the most interesting part of their apprenticeship is:

Harry: “I find with any rotation, jumping into something new is always a good opportunity and refreshing. It's exciting and the futureworx rotation takes it to that next level because there's quite a lot of breadth in the department and it's very technical. People here are so experienced and knowledgeable. I'm currently setting up and building this 3D printer to print a few items to build up a test bed, and I've never done that before.”

Luke: “So I've actually been here slightly less time than Harry. Most of my first week I spent reading up on the projects happening here. But today, I've started doing some conceptual design work which is really interesting because we've got all of these different things that we could do, all at our fingertips. For example, the amount of ways you can effectively screw in a light bulb. It’s amazing! It's really interesting and fun!”

We asked them what their main focus of this particular rotation is:

Luke: “So mine is more of the conceptual design, figuring out ways that we can do things differently, what could be most practical way and what might we actually want to use on projects.”

Harry: “Mine is focussed on a specific electrical system of a current project, setting up the test circuit to see what works best. Also setting up the 3D printers to help print off bespoke fittings so we can fit it to a special mat that we have on the table to see if it works effectively. It's to look at the interfaces between the different electrical components and what software we need to use.”

Both Harry and Luke will come out of their apprenticeships with a foundation degree in Engineering. We asked what the benefits of doing an apprenticeship over a conventional university degree are for them:

Harry: “You get the work experience if you're doing it with Marshall and there's no debt. I think it makes you valuable if you go to any employer. If you've got experience and the degree as opposed to someone that's just got the degree, you're way more valuable to them.”

Luke: “There's definitely a lot of benefits. You get to see first-hand what it is like in engineering, and you definitely get financial benefits because you’re getting a wage while you’re learning. You also get to build up your career circle and actually see the benefits because you've got the work experience as well as the other qualifications.”

A great insight into what it’s like for our apprentices delving into the most innovative parts of the Marshall business. We wish them both the best of luck in their promising and bright futures.

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07 February 2023