Steven Tweddell

Steven Tweddell

Head of Systems Engineering

Picture of Steven Tweddell

Steven Tweddell is an experienced aerospace engineer who is motivated by a simple curiosity and an abundant optimism for all aspects of life. Throughout his career a modest but powerful outlook of “no matter the task, make sure you understand the problem” has helped him achieve a successful career path which now takes him to the role of Head of System Engineering at Marshall Futureworx.

Some of his career highs include the development of a high fidelity flight simulator, enabling pilot training for the complex A400M Flying Test Bed. Systems architect for several auxiliary fuel systems, Chief Engineer on air to air refuelling systems and Engineering Manager for a state of the art strategic ISR platform. Through programmes like these Steven has added a breadth of experience to his natural curiosity enabling an effective approach to problem solving no matter the challenge.

Steven is also a passionate leader who thinks above all empowerment of staff within a safe environment is really the key factor to problem solving.

Outside of work Steven is a family man who enjoys competitive sports and social activities. He is the Chairmen of his village tennis club where he also captains the men’s and mixed first teams.

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