Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson

Futureworx Architect

Robert is a polymath with a passion for engineering and problem solving.

Picture of Robert Atkinson

His career of 45 years started before leaving school, repairing microprocessor equipment in the late 70’s. Returning to college he became a licenced avionics engineer. While working in aspects of avionics maintenance from line to workshop, he soon found a place in design. His experience ranges from vintage fighters to new aircraft designs and encompasses rotary wing and LRUs. While specialising in avionics, he has also covered systems including fuel and instrumentation with employers including operators, MROs and OEMs.

In the mid-nineties he became part of the Thrust SSC landspeed record team designing, building and running the supersonic car which still holds the world record at 763 mph. As a consequence of this, he had a change of field and spent 9 years with a biotech automation and instrument OEM. This included patents for inventions ranging from sterilisation to fluorescence imaging. Robert returned to aerospace with Marshall in 2008.

Robert is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Particular specialties are EMC and lightning protection. He is a member of RTCA special committee 135 which produces DO-160.

Outside of work Robert enjoys reading and walking the dog. He also has a well-equipped electronics workshop and repairs and builds test equipment. Additionally he collects and restores small gas turbine engines.

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