Piotr Zulawski

Piotr Zulawski

Futureworx Architect

Picture of Piotr Zulawski

Piotr is a Solutions Architect in the Futureworx team. Having graduated with a degree in Astrophysics, he subsequently pivoted to Engineering and strongly believes that constant exposure to new avenues of science, business and technology and staying outside one’s comfort zone is simultaneously the most enjoyable and the most productive way to work.

In keeping with this, early years of his career have seen him traverse a wide range of different specialisms and business functions. With a background in digital technologies, he worked as a software engineer, developing codebases ranging from aerothermal evaluation solvers to automated optimisation pipelines. Successfully deploying digital tools and leveraging them to win business across a range of industries, including motorsport and zero-emissions aerospace, saw him move into business development and product lead roles, with responsibilities including product ideation, prototyping and test as well as managing customer interfaces. He went on to manage and consolidate a portfolio of aerospace-related projects, ranging from hydrogen gas turbine feasibility studies, through developing thermal management systems for electric aerospace propulsion, to delivery of novel hardware.

Outside work Piotr is a keen cyclist, with 10-mile time trials as his discipline of choice. More often than not, you will find him either on his bike or around it, attempting to eek out a little more speed from the setup (with varying degrees of success). His other hobbies include running, science-fiction literature, cooking and trying to stay in touch with recent scientific developments. He is also committed to ensuring that his various sporting endeavours don’t stand in the way of a Friday pint and enjoys socialising and spending time with friends.

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