Mike Trueman

Mike Trueman

Head of Procurement

Mike is an experienced purchasing manager with an extensive background in the automotive and electronics sectors prior to joining Marshall Futureworx.

Picture of Mike Trueman

Beginning his career in 1986 as a buyer for BLP Components Ltd in Newmarket, Mike progressed through a series of roles with increasing managerial responsibility and planning oversight within the automotive industry, including with high-profile names such as Lotus, McLaren, Tesla, and Williams Advanced Engineering.

Directly before his current role, Mike was Global Commodity Manager for Chassis and Interior at electric van start-up Arrival.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given his industry experience, Mike is a big motorsport fan, and is especially interested in the decarbonisation of motorsport through alternative powertrains.

Music is his other big passion: he has played guitar since his teens.

Mike has a campervan, and spends the holidays travelling the UK walking with his wife and Eddie, their spaniel.

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