Marta Barrabino

Marta Barrabino

Head of Innovation

For four years before joining Marshall Futureworx, Marta worked in the fusion energy research field, bringing the power of the sun to Earth to address energy de-carbonisation by the second half of this century.

Picture of Marta Barrabino

Marta also holds an Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Oxford Saïd Business School, and in 2020 was seconded to the UK COVID-19 SAGE group to support the government with scientific communication.

Trained as an engineer, Marta is an experienced programme manager with a proven track record in delivering complex cross-functional projects requiring good understanding and management between research, technology, governmental, commercial and corporate dependencies.

Marta believes that teamwork, collaboration, purpose and good leadership are key pillars to confronting the big challenges facing humanity.

In her free time, Marta enjoys photography and painting as way of expression, travelling to keep her mind open, and releasing stress with HIIT and yoga.

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