Manoj Patel

Manoj Patel

Futureworx Architect

Picture of Manoj Patel

For over 6 years, Manoj Patel has been a noteworthy leader at Marshall’s in the design, modelling & test verification/validation of complex airborne avionic and electrical/electronic systems. The majority of his work has up to now taken place within the complex airborne military Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) integration and certification domain; but he is also credited with contributing towards the design, build and demonstration of low-cost autonomous unmanned aerial systems for use in humanitarian aid relief scenarios – the designs and business case for which have earned him multiple awards from a professional engineering body in the UK.

He holds a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Loughborough University and is a Senior Systems Engineer who resides in Ottawa, Canada; where he is attempting to pursue a wider range of pastimes than entering Red Bull Soap Box Races (e.g. falling over while skiing, flipping upside down while tobogganing and coasting along frozen canals to the nearest hot toddy in the winters; and riding over berms while mountain biking and tipping over while kayaking in the summers).

Manoj has an enthusiasm and passion for problem solving, which has served him extremely well in resolving urgent and complex issues with military customers; something he intends to draw upon moving forwards into Marshall Futureworx to help the business identify emerging global trends and accelerate demonstrable use-cases and products/services from these new technologies.

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