Kieren Paterson

Kieren Paterson

Managing Director

Kieren Paterson has held a lifelong passion for creating things that solve really challenging problems. From building awesome lego creations (something he still loves doing with his kids) to being Chief Engineer for a state of the art strategic ISR platform, that feeling of satisfaction and immense pride in creating something special has never really left him.

Picture of Kieren Paterson

In a career spanning nearly 23 years, Kieren has developed aerospace products and modified aircraft from and for almost every major aerospace OEM. He has enjoying travelling and working around the world on a variety of international civil and military programmes. From truly unique programmes like the conversion of a Lockheed C-130 into a flight test bed for the Airbus A400M engine, to hugely successful long term production programmes such as the auxiliary fuel tanks for the Boeing P-8 Poseidon and even the creation of bespoke luxury interiors on VVIP business jets, Kieren has a breadth of experience achieved by very few in the industry.

Equally at home leading small agile or large multi-national teams, Kieren’s core philosophy remains one of looking after your people really well, adding passionate and empathetic leadership and energy, and being both amazed and proud of what can be achieved in almost any situation.

Outside of work Kieren loves sport and whilst his rugby, hockey and football playing days are sadly behind him, he remains a keen snowboarder and occasional skier which he enjoys with family and friends. More often than not you’ll find him at the heart of social events and team nights out.

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