Darryl Cotton

Darryl Cotton

Futureworx Architect

Darryl Cotton is an innovative technical leader with a wide range of experience in technology development, Intellectual Property protection and project planning and management. He is a Chartered Engineer and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University, as well as a PhD in Electronics and Computer Science from Southampton University.

Picture of Darryl Cotton

Before joining Futureworx, Darryl worked in a number of different industries developing products and the technologies for future products. Some career highlights include: creating a prosthetic hand and sensors; developing stretchable electronics to enable the Nokia morph stretchable phone concept; developing the electromechanics of foldable mobile phones; and researching new haptic feedback technologies and their integration into mobile devices.

Darryl has also worked in the medical device industry at Vectura, and more recently Bespak. At Vectura he developed generic inhalers, one of which was successfully partnered with Hikma for commercialisation, realising circa $90M for development to market and future royalties on each device manufactured. He also won a company innovation award in 2019 for a novel connected inhaler. At Bespak, Darryl created and lead the design team for Bespak’s proprietary products (100+ products) with production of circa 500million devices per annum.

In his spare time, Darryl enjoys canoeing, wild camping, wakeboarding and squash. He always has a DIY project on the go, most recently converting a van to a campervan.

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