Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie

Futureworx Architect

Chris McKenzie is passionate about understanding the world around him, from the technical to the social/political; in whatever field, he is keen to use his skills and energy to help solve people’s problems.

Picture of Chris McKenzie

In a 15-year career, Chris has been part of a wide range of aerospace projects, providing technical expertise on aircraft performance and handling. This work has covered the full breath of design, analysis/modelling, ground/flight test and certification. Some examples include: the conversion of a Lockheed C130 into a flight test bed for the Airbus A400M engine and the conversion of a Bombardier Global 6000 into an ISR platform. This has involved working with large OEMS, military customers and certification authorities, as well as smaller customers and test/research facilities. Chris is a serious and conscientious engineer, who always takes pride in his work; he is also an approachable and open character who loves to be part of a thriving and positive team.

Outside of work, Chris is a photography enthusiast and guitar player, with a big appetite for documentaries and current affairs. He also enjoys days out with the family and evenings socialising with friends, especially if there is good beer and a dartboard on offer!

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