Chris Hoe

Chris Hoe

Futureworx Architect

Picture of Chris Hoe

Chris is an all-round mechanical design engineer with 20+ years of experience at a concept and detail design level, covering major (and minor) structural parts, assemblies and installations. This has spanned a wide spectrum of applications, from broadly standalone new structures to modifications interfacing with ageing platforms.

The unique and varied exposure Marshall provides to its engineers means that beyond the realm of structures, Chris has been involved in mechanical and fluid systems integrations, testing and test rigs, requirements management, certification and compliance, stress analysis, commercial activities, technical proposals, consultation type studies and probably more that he’s temporarily forgotten about.

Tangible progress - having something to show at the end of the day, that you can say ‘We did that’ is what makes Chris content. Speaking about himself in the Third Person; not so much.

If its got two wheels, engine or no engine, Chris probably likes it, rides it, or wishes he had one. A life-long fan of a second tier football team, Chris can provide a myriad of armchair-expert sporting services at no additional cost.

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